Monday, 2 November 2015

Gulgule/Meethe pakode

Gulgule are known as indian mini donuts or meethe pakode too.These are made from whole wheat flour or all purpose flour and sweetened using sugar or gur/jaggery.One of the simplest and easy recipe to cook from ingredients available in everyone's kitchen.

Ingredients :
1 cup Whole wheat flour/Atta
1/2 -3/4 cup Gur/jaggery
Water as required
1 tbsp Fennel seeds/saunf
Oil for deep frying

Method : Initially dissolve gur in luke warm water , use that amount of water as required for dissolving gur. Now mix the mixture with atta and fennel seeds and prepare batter consistency like we require for pakodas..add more water if required or if ur batter is too thin add more flour.Keep it aside for 1-2 hrs at room temp it helps in fluffy and soft gulgule.

Take oil for deep frying in wok and heat it and pour the batter with ur hands like we fry pakodas and keep flame at medium low, fry from both sides till they are golden brown in color.Fry all the gulgule in same manner and keep them on kitchen towel to remove excessive oil.

Serve them as such ,we used to make them during festive season.

Taste the batter to check sweetness required by u and if by any chance your batter spreads away in oil it means u need to add more flour.

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