Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Assorted Pakodas - Fried snack

Pakodas/pakoras are also known by the name of fritters or bhajia in some parts of India.They basically consist of two main ingredients one is vegetable like potato,onion,cauliflower,spinach ,panner and bread etc and second is gram flour/besan. Pakodas are deep fried in oil by dipping cut vegetables in batter of gram flour.

Ingredients :

1 big sized onion sliced length wise.
1 big sized potato sliced in circular form.
3-4 pcs of bread slices sliced in four part each.
1 cup of gram flour
Water to make batter of gram flour.
Salt to taste.
Red chilli powder 1 tbsp(Increase or reduce according to taste)
Turmeric powder 1/4 tbsp
Coriander powder 1/4 tbsp
Green chilli chopped 2 (optional)
Oil for deep frying.

Method: Peel all the vegetables,wash them and slice them.Now in a big bowl mix gram flour with water.Pour water slowly so that no lumps are formed and whisk it either with clean hands or hand whisker.Add only that amount of water that it forms smooth not too thick or thin batter.Add all spices and mix well.

To make assorted pakodas,heat oil in deep wok ,i prefer mustard oil as its healthy ,now take each slice of vegetable and dip it in gram flour batter ,coat from all sides and deep fry in oil.Always put the pakodas from side of wok to avoid hot oil spilling over u and deep fry them on medium high flame so that vegetables are cooked from inside while deep frying. You need to toss them for proper frying and to avoid burning of pakodas too.Take them out on paper towel to strain excess oil.

Serve them hot with coriander mint chutney,tomato sauce or tamarind/imli chutney of ur choice.

Pakodas can be made from any vegetable of your choice and goes well as snack during rainy and winter season.

I have mentioned simplest method which i used to follow if u want u can mix all veggies together and
make mix pakodas too.And u can add more spices like dried mint leaves powder or anardana or cumin seeds of your taste.

Enjoy them with hot cup of tea or coffee :)

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