Thursday, 23 July 2015

Veg Burger

Burgers are very popular now a days.They are served in various restaurants and famous outlets like Mc donalds,Burger King and KFC etc. Main ingredient you require is burger bun and patty.Veg Burger consist of patty made of vegetables(potato,peas,onion etc) and non veg burger have patty of meat,chicken and fish. We are going to cook veg burger today.


2 burger buns (market brought)
2 medium sized boiled potatoes
2 tbsp of fresh peas/ frozen peas
1/2 cup of bread crumbs(coating the patty)
1 big onion sliced in circular form
1 big tomato sliced in circular form
2-3 lettuce leaves / cabbage
2 -3 tbsp tomato ketchup
2-3 tbsp coriander mint chutney(optional)
Salt to taste
3-4 tbsp oil for shallow frying patty
Red chilli powder 1-2 tsp

Method: Take boil potatoes in bowl and mash them with hand or potato masher, add fresh peas in it and mash them too a little bit.Now add salt and red chilli powder and mix well. Apply oil on hands and roll patty in circular form like aloo tikki ,press it to flatten it a bit and coat it in bread crumbs.U can add bread crumbs in patty mixture if your patty is too soft to handle with hands. Take 1 tbsp oil on non stick pan heat it and put patty on it and let it cook till light brown color is achieved, turn it and cook from other side too. Put it on kitchen towel to remove excessive oil.

Take burger buns and cut them from centre into two parts and apply 1-2 tbsp tomato ketchup on on side and coriander mint chutney on other side.U can apply mayaonoise too if want.

Take lower part of burger bun and put 1-2 lettuce leaves and than onion slice over it, now put cooked patty, tomato slice on it and finally top part of burger bun.U can sprinkle salt in between veggies (optional).

Now microwave burger for 1 min and serve hot with ur choice of sauce or french fries.

U can add cheese slice too in your burger and make patty with any vegetable of ur choice. And u can heat burger bun on hot pan too if microwave is not available.

Enjoy it with ur friends and family :)

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