Thursday, 23 July 2015

Vanilla Ice cream - Dessert

Ice cream is a frozen food typically eaten as dessert ,usually made from dairy products like milk, cream and flavours are added of fruits or essence.If you want to try ice cream at home than initially try the basic flavour i.e. Vanilla flavour.Its simple and require very less no. of ingredients.

Ingredients :

1 cup Heavy cream ( Available at supermarkets or diary shops)
1 cup full cream milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp Corn flour
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Method: Take milk in vessel and switch on gas, keep 2- 3 tbsp milk separately before switching on gas.Dissolve the cornflour in cold milk kept aside, mix well till all lumps are dissolved.When the milk kept on gas comes to boil add cornflour mixture to it by lowering the flame to medium and stir continously for about 5-6 mins until milk starts thickening. After almost 6 mins milk will become thick in consistency now switch off the flame.Keep this milk on wire stand so that it cools down faster.

Now we will whip the cream,take cream in one bowl and keep it over bowl of ice cubes.Because cream can be whipped properly only it remains cold enough.We will whip it with electric hand blender for 2 mins , now we will add vanilla essence in it. Whip it again for 1 min and add sugar in it and whip it further for few mins.

Mix the milk with cornflour into whipped cream and whip it again for 1-2 mins.Keep it in freezer for 1.5 - 2 hrs and take out, whip it again for 3-4 mins so that no ice crystals left in ice cream while freezing.

Transfer ice cream into plastic air tight container and keep it again in freezer for 6-7 hours.

Now ice cream is ready to serve.

You can serve it with dry fruits on top,chocolate sauce or with gulab jamun etc.

Its a bit long process but home made ice cream is without any preservatives and stabilisers.

Enjoy it :)

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