Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kalakand - Indian Sweet

Kalakand is a popular Indian sweet made out of solidified ,sweetened milk and cottage cheese.It is made on the occasions of Holi ,Diwali,Eid and Navratri.It is also known as milk cake. Lets start collecting the ingredients for it..


2 litres full cream milk.
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
5-7  chopped almonds (optional)
4 small powdered form cardamom(green cardamom)

Procedure:  First take 1 litre of milk in open vessel and start heating it.Keep stirring in between or every 1-2 mins to avoid sticking on bottom of vessel.When it comes to boil switch off the flame.Keep it for 2-3 mins to cool down a little and now add lemon juice in it,initially add 1 tbsp to split the milk and mix it than add more lemon juice,milk will split into cottage cheese(paneer). Now sieve the water through a thin cotton/muslin cloth. Wash the cheese a bit so that sour taste of lemon is removed. Lift the cloth from all sides and squeeze the water out of paneer. Paneer is ready.

Take left 1litre milk in another vessel with thickened bottom and start boiling it.Keep stirring it every 1-2 min and boil it on medium flame till it reduces to half of its original quantity.

When above milk reduces to half add paneer in it by crushing from hands.Cook this mixture till it thickens and no water left in it. Now simmer the gas and add sugar. Stir for 2-3 mins after adding sugar to mix it well. Switch off the flame when mixture is of freezing consistency. Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Spread a little ghee on the plate on which we will freeze kalakand. Put the mixture on the plate and press it using spoon to make it even.Add chopped almonds and press evenly on kalakand.

Keep it for cooling at room temp only for 1-2 hrs and cut into pieces of ur desired shape.

Points to remember, add sugar only when milk is thick and keep cooking after u add sugar and put it on the plate.

Want to have a bite than start cooking it :)

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