Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Curry leaves chutney / kadi patta chutney

Curry leaves are used to impart fragrance and flavour to various curries and dishes in our country.They are very good for digestion and had lot of herbal benefits too.We are going to make chutney of it..this recipe is very close to my heart as it is taught by my Mom.
Ingredients :

3/4 cup curry leaves ( CUP i used the one which i use for baking purpose)
2 medium sized sliced onion
2 medium sized sliced green chilli ( spicy chilli to be used)
Salt to taste
1 medium sized lemon juice
1-2 tbsp water

Method : Mix all the ingredients in mixer grinder and grind it till forms chutney like consistency.

Your chutney is ready and goes well with any dal/curry/khicdi.

Remember to use mentioned quantity of curry leaves as it may give bitter taste if quantity is increased.You can add tomato / dry mango powder also for taste by skipping lemon juice.

Enjoy spicy and tangy chutney guys.

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